Players with most to lose from suspensions; Saints Jonathan Vilma and Packers Anthony Hargrove

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Vilma’s access to such luxuries will no longer be allowed and he would be forced to do the rehabilitation elsewhere or to be frank about it, on his own.  With a loss of salary for the entire year, this could get expensive.

His reputation is also taking a small hit, but not much.  Of course Vilma didn’t help matters much when he thumbed his nose at the “bounty” claims by changing his profile picture on Twitter to the Sports Illustrated cover featuring him with the word “BOUNTY” on it for a few months.

The main obstacle Vilma will be facing is his absence from football for a year physically.  While not elderly, age 30 is getting there for someone in professional football.  When the season starts in 2013 for Vilma, he’ll be 31 and on the final leg of his contract.

Depending on how the Saints view his recovery, which he’ll have had over a year, and the performance he brings back will be a deciding factor for the Saints to retain him or the possibility stands he could be released.

This may seem doom and gloom with a hint of morbidness, but considering the Saints added Cutis Lofton and David Hawthorne to the linebacking corps this offseason, it’s a very good possibility.  Hopefully he can bounce back and regain his old form.