Players with most to lose from suspensions; Saints Jonathan Vilma and Packers Anthony Hargrove

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Of the four players that face suspension this upcoming season, New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove are hoping that a miracle can happen legally to save their reputations and careers.

Granted that Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita and Saints defensive end Will Smith are also facing a suspension, yet not quite as severe as Vilma or Hargrove.

Fujita is facing an odd number three-game suspension with Smith is facing a four-game suspension.  While this could be a blow to their team and to their pocketbooks, the main concern has been their reputation.

The soft-spoken Fujita especially has been vocal on the onset of the “bounty” investigation while Smith has spoken sparingly on his feelings about the suspensions.

As far as games missed, Fujita will miss a home-opener against the Philadelphia Eagles, an away game against his  division rival the Cincinnati Bengals, and another home game against the Buffalo Bills.

Smith will miss a home-opener against the Washington Redskins, an away game against hi division rival Carolina Panthers, another home game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and an away game against the Green Bay Packers.