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Fat lady hasn’t sung in “bounty” case; NFLPA files another lawsuit

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In fact the players are expected to ask for a temporary restraining order so the suspensions cannot take place until the matter is settled completely.  This would allow them to carry on with their respective teams until one or the other happens.

It looks like the NFLPA and the players aren’t going down until the last legal loophole has been exhausted.  Yet there’s one that they may not be able to get around.

If everything is as Goodell and the NFL say it is in the CBA, then this is what the players and the NFLPA agreed to.  Not saying that it’s fair or right, but everyone knows a signed legal document that states such will hold up.

Of course, the ultimate tactic by the players and the NFLPA is to continue dishing out negative press towards Goodell and the punishment/appeals process.  A method the NFLPA says he used from the beginning of the “bounty” investigation.