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Fat lady hasn’t sung in “bounty” case; NFLPA files another lawsuit

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The end hasn’t come in the “bounty” suspensions for current and former New Orleans Saints players.  The question isn’t whether the fat lady has sung I guess, more so, is it just a case of the dog chasing it’s tail?

The NFLPA has filed a lawsuit today concerning the recent ruling by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that Jonathan Vilma, Scott Fujita, Anthony Hargrove, and Will Smith were still going to serve their imposed suspensions.

To wade through the legal statements, the NFLPA is saying that Goodell is not an impartial person since he has publicly crucified the players and without revealing any hardcore evidence, pronounced their guilt.

The NFLPA wants the appeals heard by someone who isn’t connected to the case and would give the players a fair chance at either having the suspensions reduced or wiped clean.

The NFL has responded saying that this is what the NFLPA and players agreed to in the collective bargaining agreement(CBA) and that the attempts to take this matter to a federal court are “improper”.

How long this process will take is beyond anyone’s scope.  What is quite obvious is that this is another attempt to stall or delay the suspensions given out by Goodell.