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New Orleans Saints season ticket renewal rate isn’t that surprising to fans

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Luckily I happened upon a gentleman who had moved out of state and was unable to attend the games as much.  I had bought his season tickets for the 2010-2011 season and then proposed a deal to him.

Many people sell their “rights” to their tickets on EBay in what is called a ticket transfer.  The Saints don’t have Personal Seat License (PSL) like some clubs do so you may transfer the season tickets to someone’s name if you wish.

Since you don’t have to pay the PSL fee, you transfer the tickets to that person’s name.  They are responsible for picking up the fee for the season tickets and failure to pay after the transfer for the upcoming season results in a loss of the tickets.

Family usually do this almost as a right of passage when Mom and Dad can no longer or don’t wish to attend the games anymore and can pass it onto their children.  Or if you have a really good friend then they can do the same for you.

That’s basically how I was able to get my season tickets was through transfer.  Even though the Saints don’t have PSL’s, I still had to pay a “small transfer fee” for them.  Either that or still be on the waiting list which some are still on since ’06.