New Orleans Saints Vilma files second lawsuit; brings up old name

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Cerullo was fired after the Saints Super Bowl season and the suit claims that he simply wanted revenge against the Saints because of it and also because the Super Bowl ring he was given contained cubic zirconia and not real diamonds.

He is claimed to have given the NFL documents containing bounty pledges that Vilma and others allegedly placed in a player pool.  The suit says he created the documents “well after” the 2010 NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings.

In an interesting twist, the lawsuit states that a close associate or friend of Cerullo claims that he tried to retract his testimony in the bounty case this past April after speaking with Goodell “directly”.

Gregg Willimas is also mentioned in the suit saying that an associate of his was present during a meeting with Goodell and Williams never acknowledged a bounty program nor did he have any evidence to substantiate the existence of one.

According to the lawsuit, the associate also stated that Goodell told Williams not to speak with others who had been punished in the bounty case.  This “ghost gag order” has also been mentioned by Saints quarterback Drew Brees.