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Michael Cerullo testimony of recanting evidence could aid New Orleans Saints Vilma

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Cerullo was fired shortly after the Saints Super Bowl season ended and the former defensive assistant to Gregg Williams felt like a jilted lover of sorts.

The lawsuit also says that the ultimate insult to Cerullo was that instead of the real diamonds being placed in his Super Bowl ring, cubic zirconia or “imitation diamonds” were used instead.

Not a great parting gift for him but if you offered it to any crazed member of the Who Dat Nation, they would knock you down like the Black Friday shopping rush the day after Thanksgiving at Wal-Mart to get it.  I digress.

One key note in the lawsuit is that a close associate of Cerullo’s claims to have knowledge that Cerullo attempted to recant his testimony to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in April 2012 which the NFL denies.

It also says that notes from interviews with Cerullo were not shared and he was not produced as a witness during the appeals process.  This could be a mighty weapon if Vilma can secure Cerullo testimony to his alleged retraction.