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Michael Cerullo testimony of recanting evidence could aid New Orleans Saints Vilma

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The saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.  For New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, this could hold true of an old enemy that used to be a friend.

Michael Cerullo’s name has popped back up in a second lawsuit that Vilma has filed late Saturday.  Cerullo was one name that Saints fans began to associate with “the rat” that started the ball rolling in the bounty investigation.

Granted that filmaker Sean Pamphilon’s name is a bit more recognized because of recent press and the infamous “kill the head” audio he captured from former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

Yet Cerullo is being credited for supplying the NFL with testimony in the investigation in the form of alleged bounty ledgers in the form of handwritten notes.

Players names along with amounts given or received to and from those players were presented recently in a printed reproduction fashion.

This is something that Vilma disputes in the lawsuit as being suspicious and also lacking integrity.  The claim is also that Cerullo created these documents after the fact as a form of revenge.