Is Roger Goodell on the wrong injury trail?

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We instinctively know our guys are not out to injure other players because we intently watch them play each snap, each week.

If we were the NFL Commissioner and injuries are our concern, we would have looked at teams who actually injured players and try to determine what is happening on the field and how to mitigate it.

If injury is the issue, let’s look at the teams causing injuries as well as grade A penalties.
To make my point, I will take you through the 2011 season with a team Who Dats luv to hate.

This team made the research fun and easy as well as 16-game manageable. Below are the injuries caused by and the grade A penalties associated with the San Francisco 49ers.

The San Francisco 49ers:
• Week 1 – Seattle at San Francisco
o 2 Personal fouls – Running into Kicker – Tavares Gooden
o Unnecessary Roughness – Ricky Jean Francois
o Unnecessary Roughness – Madieu Williams
o Unnecessary Roughness – Shawntae Spencer
o Roughing the Passer – Ahmad Brooks