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New Orleans Saints have just a small amount of wiggle room in salary cap space


The New Orleans Saints are shown to have the third to last position when it comes to their salary cap amount.

Right now the Saints have approximately $2.27 million in available cap room.  In front of them are the Oakland Raiders with $1.35 million and then the Baltimore Ravens with $607,000.

I’m sure that fans of quarterback Drew Brees are looking at that amount and salivating because this is close to the amount that has been reported as holding up signing his long-term contract.

Even he has acknowledged that the true sticking points are the fine details of the contract itself.  Translation, it may be around $2 million but rather in regards to the guaranteed money that those couple of million will be spread out over.

Also, the Saints truly don’t won’t to empty both barrels and zero out their available cap space and have nothing.  Since Brees has said he won’t sit out, the contract will be signed regardless going into training camp.