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Washington Redskins RGIII Target Of Extortion Attempt


Wow, it doesn’t take sharks long to hit the water when they smell money, does it? In this case the intended victim RGIII got away clean without so much as a scratch.

The alleged perpetrator is Richard Hurd who was a former basketball player for Baylor.

Hurd was arrested Friday after he botched an attempt to extort money from Redskins quarterback RGII, or rather he tried to extort money from Griffin’s agent Ben Dogra. It appears that Dogra’s agency, Creative Artists Agency was involved in what became an FBI sting in St. Louis.

The Waco Tribune posted this from an affidavit they obtained:

"“Hurd communicated that he had derogatory information on a client of B.D., and that he intended to release that information to the media to damage or injure the reputation of B.D.’s client unless the client paid Hurd a substantial sum of money”"

The Redskins organization is being tight-lipped about the matter at this point, possibly because the FBI is involved. Griffin’s agent hasn’t answered requests for more information either but Monday evening a source told the Pro Football Talk that the info was “nothing illegal or scandalous”.

Hurd was arraigned Monday in Federal court in Waco, Texas where he waived his preliminary hearing on Federal extortion charges. Richard Hurd later posted $25,000 bond on Monday at the U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas, Waco Division.

On the humorous side, part of this story was posted at NFL.com where fans excitedly commented about it. One Texans fan said he didn’t care what Griffin did off the field as long as he “performs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and especially Monday.”