Drew Brees finds perfect pairing: Joins PACE to further educate and protect young athletes


Despite a troubling off season consisting of bounty speculations and a long-term contract stand still, Drew Brees continues on his path by focusing on promoting and encouraging the importance of safety while playing youth sports.

Brees, along with former Olympic and NFL  athletes, join PACE (Protecting Athletes Through Concussion Education); which will hold a discussion panel on Tuesday regarding and raising awareness for more then 3,300 middle,high school and youth sports programs. The program will provide concussion testing at no cost.

PACE is documented as the first ever national program of it’s kind,  founded by the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation.  Dr. Mark Lovell, founder of the ImPACT test believes that someone of Drew Brees’ “stature” is very influential to youth athletes. Lovell also believes that when Brees speaks, people “listen”.

The tests completed by ImPACT will give a comparison if the youth athletes come back with concussion symptoms.  The Dick’s Foundation is offering basic testing to schools and youth programs who normally wouldn’t “have access”.

Brees believes that becoming more aware is “vital”. This also includes fully understanding “symptoms and treatments” for baseline tests.

At least we know that during his off season, Brees still maintains his “savior” like status; helping the future athletes of America.