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NY Jets WR Plaxico Burress ready to move on

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Things are not good in the Big Apple. While the New York city is enamored (and yet to be disillusioned) with the celebrity of Tim Tebow, one player is bolting for the door.

New York Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burress has expressed his interest in spending his next season with the Carolina Panthers. While the Panthers have not expressed any interest in the aging wideout, that has not stopped Burress from reaching out.

"I’ve talked to Cam Newton several times. I really like him as a quarterback.  – Plaxico Burress"

Cam Newton is a good player and after an impressive rookie year, who would not want to jump ship to Carolina? Newton passed for over 4,000 yards, 21 passing touchdowns, and 14 rushing touchdowns.

Those stats closely mirror Mark Sanchez’s numbers last year. He threw for 26 touchdowns and 3,474 yards. Burress, it seems, is not sold on Sanchez being a better quarterback than Newton. When asked if he believed that Mark Sanchez could win a Superbowl, Burress did not give him a personal vote of confidence,

"Obviously they (the NY Jets) paid him (Sanchez). So they believe he can win a championship. – Plaxico Burress"