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Goodell, NFL Provide Weak Case For Bounty Suspensions

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When the news broke about “Bounty-Gate”, the entire New Orleans Saints franchise took a huge blow.  Outside of southern Louisiana, they were not given the benefit of the doubt with these allegations.

Not only that, they were punished severely without any kind of due process.  Now I understand that the NFL is not the USA, and through the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NFL polices itself in a different fashion.  But Come on, the NFL has turned into a complete dictatorship.

After waiting all this time to see this “full-proof” evidence,  what we get can hardly be considered as such.  The “Ledger” we heard about constantly was not even presented at the appeal hearing.

Is it not evidence tampering when you take “handwritten notes” and paraphrase them onto a PowerPoint?

And when one article of evidence isn’t reliable enough to convict Joe Vitt, how does it then become reliable enough to convict anyone else?

Roger Goodell and the NFL have royally screwed themselves if this what the rest of their evidence looks like.  I really can’t wait for Vilma’s defamation suit now.