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Defensive end Greg Romeus could return to Saints if he slips through waivers

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It’s a move that the New York Giants recently tried with tight end Jake Ballard but backfired.  Hopefully it won’t with the Saints.

ProFootball.com noted that if Romeus clears waivers, then the Saints may be able to get him back and could place him on injured reserve.  But it’s a gamble.

The Giants tried the same with Ballard, but he never made it through waivers.  The New England Patriots ended up snatching Ballard and it didn’t set well with Giants head coach Tom Coughlin.

They had planned on re-signing Ballard as soon as he cleared waivers and were blindsided by the Patriots in the move.  Even Ballard expressed shock because he wanted to return to the Giants.

Romeus shows promise but just seems to have bad luck.  His recent injury came from a non-contact drill.  In fact, he was simply running and his knee just buckled on it’s own.

If he does make it through and the Saints take another chance on him, then Romeus would have to make the grueling process of rehabilitation all over again.