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Anthony Hargrove could be next in line to file a defamation suit against Goodell…and should

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Hargrove and the others named in the “bounty” case have been subjected to a media crucifixion due to what is clearly 5,000 pages of circumstantial evidence the NFL has collected and put together like a patchwork quilt.

Even Goodell has admitted that recent evidence saying Vitt contributed $5000 to the Farve “bounty pool” was inaccurate.  Of course this was after Vitt blasted the findings and said he would submit to a lie-detector test.

This lot of “pie crust” evidence is crumbling bit by bit and Goodell is appearing to open himself up to more than concussion lawsuits, but like Vilma’s which is a defamation suit.

If Hargrove is so inclined, he could file one as well especially if Heyman is willing to testify that it was not Hargrove’s voice on the tape.  Then another brick in the wall would crumble at the foundation of all this evidence the league allegedly has.

Right now, Hargrove is tap-dancing on the edge of is career and this could seriously derail it.  While he isn’t washed up, Hargrove isn’t a spring chicken either.