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Anthony Hargrove could be next in line to file a defamation suit against Goodell…and should

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The NFL claims to have a witness to Hargrove saying this, as well as a conversation he supposedly had about lying to Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt.

Hargrove said in a statement the other day that he is “99%” sure who this witness is but won’t reveal their name because “that is what honesty and integrity demand” and doesn’t want to smudge that person’s name.

While Hargove is 99% sure, former teammate defensive tackle Earl Heyman told reporter Jason LaCanfora  he is “100%” sure the “pay me my money” voice isn’t Hargrove’s.

Heyman said he is sure because he was standing by the person who said it and would reveal their name if the matter was taken to court and he was required to testify.

He said that Hargrove has “been done a great injustice and he’s been done wrong”.  I would tend to agree with him and it’s not because of being a Saints fan.