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Anthony Hargrove could be next in line to file a defamation suit against Goodell…and should

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Former New Orleans Saints and current Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove is a prime candidate to follow his former teammate, linebacker Jonathan Vilma, in a defamation suit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Hargrove is serving the suspension not really for his role in the alleged “bounty” program with the Saints, but for supposedly misleading NFL investigators in the case.

Although he had provided a declaration about how certain events unfolded to the NFL, it was taken and blasted across the media as a smoking gun.  Hargrove understood it to be a “private explanation” but instead was engulfed as evidence in the investigation.

The NFL has claimed that Hargrove was also responsible for uttering the “pay me my money” phrase that was captured on audio and video during the 2010 NFC Championship Game in which quarterback Brett Farve was taken out of the game briefly.

Hargrove can clearly be seen saying to his teammates, “Farve is done”, but that is all that’s really clear and the “pay me my money” voice happens off camera.

On a side note, I said the same thing to my wife during that game so hopefully I won’t be investigated, but you never know because apparently anybody can say anything and it’ll be used as evidence with no intense investigation or fact checking.