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New Orleans Saints coach Joe Vitt “outraged” and ready to take the fight to Goodell

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ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that New Orleans Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt isn’t going to take the new accusations against him lying down.

Vitt was basically “accused” recently when evidence was made public involving the alleged Saints “bounty” program.  The NFL is showing that Vitt allegedly offered $5000 towards a “bounty” pool on quarterback Brett Farve in 2010.

The pool was said to have been as high as $35,000 for the 2010 NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings.  Yet it is said that that’s not what Vitt was suspended for.

Vitt himself said that if was more for the “spoken word” and not the “clenched fist”.  The NFL claims that Vitt attempted to cover up evidence when the league was investigating the alleged “bounty” program.

Of course it seems that the NFL, more specifically Commissioner Roger Goodell, has no problem letting certain evidence mysteriously slip or throw player’s or coaches’ integrity under the bus.

Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma was the first to step forward with a civil defamation suit against Goodell and Vitt may not be too far behind his middle linebacker.