New Orleans Saints Player Spotlight: Darren Sproles

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The guy just doesn’t have a bad game.  He might have a bad play or two, but you can’t hold Sproles down for four quarters, he’s ridiculous.

In 2011, Darren Sproles rushed 87 times for 603 yards with 6.9 yards per carry.  He also caught 86 passes for 710 yards averaging 8.4 yards after the catch, pretty freakin’ impressive if you ask me.

It’s already hard enough to pick against the  Saints week to week, now with Darren Sproles, it’s just that much harder.  I saw Sproles break the all-purpose yards record in person last year, and hopefully in 2012,  I’ll get to see him hoisting the Lombardi trophy while the amazing fans of New Orleans boo Roger Goodell!