Coach Vitt preparing the New Orleans Saints for more greatness


The Absence of Sean Payton is yet to be known outside of the New Orleans Saints locker room.  Even though plenty have voiced their opinions on how they think the season will play out, no one knows what will ultimately happen.

There seems to be a notion that without Sean Payton, there will not be any strong personalities to lead the team.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  It’s obvious when seeing Coach Joe Vitt during press conferences, he can be a great leader.  When asked about any aspect of the team, he fires off descriptive answers, and he is always  positive.

Aside from Vitt, the Saints have Spagnuolo, Carmichael Jr., and Drew Brees to help  maintain their solid football team.

Just don’t even think about questioning his knowledge of the rulebook, Vitt knows the rules.  Watch the 6/7/2012 press conference and you will see Coach Vitt verbally backhanding a reporter over the new CBA rules that prohibit contact for these OTA’s.

I think Coach Vitt has taken a great approach to filling in for Sean Payton thus far, and I think his meticulousness and moxie will bring out the best in his players this upcoming football season.