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New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Morgan looks to gain top spot this season

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With a new season upon us, Morgan will attempt to replicate what he did last year.  The only thing is now, Morgan has some experience under his belt and the coaches are seeing it.

While his route running was good last year, interim head coach Joe Vitt complimented Morgan saying that his routes now are smoother and has only gotten better.

One thing that hasn’t changed much for Morgan is his speed.  It was evident last year and this year as well.  On several occasions Morgan has gotten behind the secondary for some passes even catching some veterans like cornerback Jabari Greer off guard.

Another ace up Morgan’s sleeve is his kick return abilities that he has shown already.  The Saints have running back Darren Sproles and wide receiver Lance Moore as kick returners, a job that fans might want to see them lose.

Injuries to Sproles or Moore is one that could deplete the Saints offensive unit and this was evident during the loss to the 49ers in the NFC Division Playoff Game in January.