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New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Morgan looks to gain top spot this season

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With the departure of wide receiver Robert Meachem to the San Diego Chargers, the New Orleans Saints are needing someone to fill his role.  Sophomore wide receiver Joe Morgan is aiming to do just that.

Just like New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, Morgan has followed a similar path.  Both came out of nowhere in their rookie training camps and both impressed in their first preseasons.

Unfortunately, both suffered setbacks going into the regular season and injuries that resulted them in being placed on injured reserve.  Morgan will now try to follow Cruz’s path of regaining his footing and being a breakout receiver for his team.

Morgan first opened the eyes of Saints fans when in the preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers last year, he returned a punt 78 yards for a touchdown while at one point tip-toeing the sidelines to stay inbounds.

In the preseason game against the Houston Texans, even though the Saints lost 27-14, Morgan again showcased his talents by making an impressive catch for a 56 yard touchdown.

The dream of making the final roster was cut short though as he suffered a knee injury that forced the Saints to place him on injured reserve.  He couldn’t go to the practice squad and there was no way the Saints were letting him leave.  Morgan had potential.