Best tight end in the NFL is New Orleans Saints Graham, not Patriots Gronkowski

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All you hear these days when the topic of conversation is tight ends, is how dominating and awesome Rob Gronkowski is.  For the most part, this is very true.

Gronk is an imposing figure and has the stats to prove it, but he’s just not up to the caliber of athlete that Jimmy Graham is.

Unlike Gronk, Jimmy is absolutely uncoverable.  Alike from Gronk, Jimmy is the favorite target of his QB.  The difference is that the Saints have numerous weapons to choose from, as well as a ridiculous running attack.

Last year the only target for Brady to go to besides Gronk was Wes Welker, and Aaron Hernandez.  I’m curious to see how much action Gronk gets in 2012 with the additions of wide reciever Brandon Lloyd, and fullback Tony Fiammetta.

Lloyd should be a legitimate deep threat, and Fiametta should improve the run game if the Patriots decide to have one of those this year.

Back to Jimmy, the guy who makes pro bowl linebackers like Patrick Willis (49ers) look stupid with his incredible athleticism, and turns talented db’s like Brent Grimes (Falcons) into little children.  He just out classes people.