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New Orleans Saints Vilma unlikely to win appeal and avoid suspension

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The union also wanted the appeals to the suspensions by the four players to not be heard by Goodell and instead an independent arbitrator that would be impartial.

Unfortunately, an arbitrator for the union’s grievance ruled that Goodell does have the right to suspended the players and also hear their upcoming appeals on the matter.

If it’s anything like the appeals for suspensions of head coach Sean Payton, assistant head coach Joe Vitt, and general manager Mickey Loomis then the appeal hearing scheduled for June 18 shouldn’t take long.

In general, Goodell will want to hear any “new” evidence or material that would contradict his current player discipline.  He made this very clear after hearing the other appeals and everyone saw how that turned out.

Unless Vilma and the other players are holding something close to a shattering piece of evidence such as audio or written statements that prove their innocence, Goodell’s mind is pretty much made up.