New England Patriots Gronkowski deal is good news for New Orleans Saints tight end Graham

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Gronkowski had been taken out of the Patriots final game towards the end but when head coach Bill Belichick saw that Graham was ahead, he put Gronkowski back in and he snagged the record with 1,327 yards.

That by the way can be heard when Belichick was on NFL Network’s Sound FX and had a microphone on him, so I’m not doing a conspiracy theory just because it’s the Patriots.

Record or no, Graham is comparable to Gronkowski in size and skill so it stands to reason that Graham will ultimately compare in his contract status as well.

Graham is currently signed to a four-year $2.445 million deal that will expire in 2014.  This season he is scheduled to make a laughable $540,000 base salary in comparison to Gronkowski who will make the same, but with a $2 million signing bonus tacked on.

Of course, the Saints can’t help that situation since they are currently trying to get quarterback Drew Brees signed to a contract extension and are pinching pennies so hard that Abraham Lincoln let out a yell.