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Forget Madden, the first round pick is the new “curse” in the NFL

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On May 27, Fairely was stopped by state troopers in Alabama for driving under the influence as well as attempting to elude police at a high rate of speed.

Needless to say that the Lions aren’t too happy right now since Fairely will surely face a possible suspension from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who has vowed to maintain discipline and integrity with NFL players and personnel.

The curse has struck again on Sunday morning when the Jacksonville Jaguars first round pick wide receiver Justin Blackmon was arrested on suspicion of aggravated driving under the influence.

Reports are that Blackmon’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was at .24 which is almost three times the legal limit, hence the aggravated charge.  Blackmon’s BAC actually was so high he could have very well been sent to a hospital.

Blackmon was taken with the #5 pick in the first round this year after the Jaguars traded up to get him.  Here’s the kicker, Blackmon already had a red flag before the draft because of a previous DUI while he was at Oklahoma State.