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Forget Madden, the first round pick is the new “curse” in the NFL

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Used to, an athlete feared being featured on the cover of the Madden football videogame.  Now it seems that first round picks have something else to fear.

This is of course pretty much tongue-in-cheek unless you are extremely superstitious.  Some swear by the Madden cover curse, so the curse of being a first round pick could catch on considering recent events.

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf has been the ultimate cautionary tale of being a first round pick and was rated as the #1 first round bust on a segment on NFL Network.  Others have followed, but Leaf is the most well known.

Recently, several may be trying to take his crown.  Former Auburn University and current Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley began grabbing headlines not long after this past season ended.

On April 3, 2012 Fairley was arrested in Mobile, AL. for possession of marijuana.  It was a cap on a disappointing rookie season where he was injured and didn’t become active until after the season started although he did alright once he found his groove.

Character concerns were already flagged before Fairley was drafted by the Lions but they took him in the first round at pick #13 of the 2011 Draft anyway.  Barely two months had past before he would make headlines again.