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20 Kilo’s Of Heroin, 18 Guns, $1.4 Million And A Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Ring?


Somewhere in Wisconsin a Green Bay Packers team executive is all smiles today after receiving the news that broke less than two hours ago on The Chicago Tribune. The Super Bowl XLV ring had been stolen previously some time after June of 2011 and the ring’s owner had all but given it up for lost.

There had been an ongoing electronic surveillance project for months by the DEA which resulted in the arrests of members of a drug trafficking organization with ties to Mexico. Multiple police agencies from the surrounding Chicago area were involved in the case and the 6 suspects remain in federal custody.

It’s not known if the cashe of money and drugs were saved up for a huge Super Bowl party in N’awlins at the end of the 2012 NFL football season. It’s postulated that the guns may have been collected in case the Atlanta Falcons showed up uninvited.

Unconfirmed statement by Mexican gang member:

"“Esse, gimme back dat Supa-bole ring homie a’fore I have my bruh’man Vilma whack youse!”"