Sean Pamphilon calls out Scott Fujita; tells Drew Brees to “own it” and “do his job”

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Pamphilon also cleared up the mysterious “third party” who said the tapes should be released, which Pamphilon said he had every right to and didn’t need permission to do so.  He was simply wanting Gleason’s, Fujita’s, and Brees’ blessing.

The “third party” who said the tapes should be released “the sooner the better”, was identified by Pamphilon as none other than Fujita.  People, including myself, questioned who could hold such a chunk of power and simply be a “third party”.

After listening to Pamphilon’s interview and also reading the essay, it surely will give you something to digest.  The main thing is, if it’s true, then Fujita and Brees are not the poster boy’s of safety reform that we thought.

Pamphilon referred to Brees as the “sacred cow” that nobody wants to talk about and that he understands that Saints fans don’t want to hear that their “Captain America” quarterback could be capable of such manipulation.

Silent for weeks after the fallout, Pamphilon said he waited for Brees and Fujita to step forward and say something.  Pamphilon said that now since they won’t, then he will in an attempt to set the record straight and salvage his reputation.