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Sean Pamphilon calls out Scott Fujita; tells Drew Brees to “own it” and “do his job”

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Pamphilon says he’s hurt that he has been branded a villain by everyone and that he betrayed a dying friend when, in the end, he was actually used by Brees and Fujita to serve their own purpose and let him be the scapegoat.

The wounded filmmaker repeated all he wanted to ever do is the “right thing” and assumed that is what Fujita and Brees wanted to do.  He expressed more feelings of that when he appeared on The Sports Hangover 690 AM WIST today.

Host Larry Holder asked him what did he ultimately want Brees to do, to which Pamphilon responded, “Own it”.  This referring to Brees knowing about the tapes all along and asking for the delay of the release, possibly in a plan to aid in reversing Payton’s season long suspension.

Pamphilon also told Holder that he wants Brees to “do his job” as an executive member of the National Football League Player’s Association and truly take a stand concerning the crusade for player safety.

During the months of waiting to release the audio, Pamphilon said he feared for his safety and that of his family since he had evidence that could damage major corporations, mainly the NFL.  At one point he stated that Fujita told him he was “just being paranoid”.