Sean Pamphilon calls out Scott Fujita; tells Drew Brees to “own it” and “do his job”

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Pamphilon contends in the essay that it was actually Fujita and Brees that had everything to do with wanting to wait to release the audio, which Pamphilon said he wanted to do right after it was recorded.

He stated that he was locked in a lengthy back and forth with both players as well as former Saints safety Steve Gleason who Pamphilon was filming for a documentary and was the reason he gained access to be able to record Williams.

Pamphilon also cleared the air in the matter that he “secretly” recorded Williams without anyone’s knowledge.  He noted that there were actually two cameras that were highly visible to everyone in the team meeting that night and wasn’t being sneaky.

In regards to the delay of the release, Pamphilon insinuated that Fujita and Brees were timing it to try to help the players implicated in the investigation using a “Rogue Coach” defense.  This contradicts one big issue involving Brees.

Brees acted as if he had just heard the audio the day of the release and appeared shocked and somber while at his celebrity golf tournament.  Pamphilon says Brees knew about the audio months before hand and shouldn’t have been surprised.