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New evidence against New Orleans Saints is straight from the little ladies room

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Am I, and the rest of the football loving community supposed to believe the Saints would be dumb enough to keep a ledger like that, and then let you and your buddies get a hold of it?  Was it a star system, or did each player have a different colored pen to sign their names next to the money they were rewarded?

This is just another sorry attempt by Goodell to get all the idiots on his side before the truth comes out.  Just keep sending that message out there that they did it, and it will stick either way.

Think of how unfair Goodell is being.  Vilma is having to sue Goodell to see what he did that required a year long, and possibly career ending punishment.

I can’t take anything from Goodell or Yahoo Sports seriously until I see some solid evidence, because as of now, they’re just gossiping like little school girls.