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New evidence against New Orleans Saints is straight from the little ladies room

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Does anyone find it weird Roger Goodell has not released any evidence against the New Orleans Saints besides hearsay up to this point?  The NFL seems to have things backwards.  I say this because you usually hear and see all the evidence that proves guilt beyond reasonable doubt prior to hearing the punishment.

When asked,  Goodell speaks of the bounty scandal with a fair amount of confidence, and eludes that one day, the evidence will be made public against the Saints.  Why not just lay all the cards on the table?  With all the flack Goodell’s taking, why not just shut  the nay sayer’s up and show some evidence?

The more time that passes, the weaker the NFL’s case gets in the public’s eyes, and the public opinion is the only thing Goodell cares about.  Especially with all of the lawsuits mounting.

When I think of Goodell and his NFL associates, I think of a group of young girls gossiping with each other in the bathroom.  And then the unpopular and ugly girl from Yahoo Sports walks in and eavesdrops.

So the latest “Evidence” is a supposed ledger that the Saints kept during Gregg Williams time as Defensive Coordinator.  I wish Amy Pohler from Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update was here to say “Really?!?”

C’mon Roger, I think you know it’s gonna take a lot more than a notebook with your handwriting to be considered “Hard” evidence.  How could they even prove this ledger is the Saints?