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Has the NFL made a rush to judgement with the New Orleans Saints?

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Well with the  sly musings of Roger Goodell, this is the way it seems.  He would like you to think that this kind of thing only happens in New Orleans, but with all of the recent remarks and reactions to the suspensions, it’s becoming quite clear that every team was using similar tactics.

A large portion of the NFL fanbase seems to be in denial that this is normal for football.  As far as any evidence against any of the Saints and their organization, I have yet to see or hear any.

The tape of Gregg Williams before the 49er game is not evidence.   All the coaches use the same speech, they just use different names.  Once again, don’t be in denial that your football team is just as violent as the Saints, and maybe even more.

I would love to hold judgement on this until “Dictator Goodell”, as Saints fans are calling him,  releases all of his evidence, but he’s making it really hard for me to not think he’s bluffing.

Hearsay doesn’t count in a real court, it shouldn’t mean anything in Goodell’s court either.  This poker game between Goodell and Vilma is one I do not want to miss.