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Has the NFL made a rush to judgement with the New Orleans Saints?

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For the past few months the New Orleans Saints have been under heavy scrutiny over their alleged “Bounty” program.  Head coach Sean Payton, Gregg Williams, and Jonathon Vilma are gone for the season.  The city of New Orleans, their Saints, and all of their recent accomplishments  have been dragged through the mud.

Some even think that the Saints should forfeit their Super Bowl trophy, because some like to think they “cheated”.  I, like many Saints fans, watched all of the games in 2009, but I don’t recall this so-called “cheating” and can’t  seem to find any players that were “carted-off”.

I also don’t remember an outrageous amount of player fines or suspensions aside from the NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Kurt Warner took a big hit in the divisional playoff game prior, but it was LEGAL.  A legal hit that was also confirmed LEGAL by Warner.

I like how people tend to forget that when an interception is thrown and the QB tries to go after the ball, then they are treated like all other players on the field. Hence, they can be subject to huge hits.

So what happened?  Apparently with the help of Gregg Williams, the New Orleans Saints have turned to the dark side, and  have forged a union with evil to ruin the clean and respectful image of the NFL.