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Former New Orleans Saints cornerback Randall Gay still having concussion symptoms

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Gay stated that whenever he tries any type of physical activity, he become nauseous and dizzy.  He even said that on occasion, he’ll wander aimlessly inside his house as if in a daze before he comes to.

With the recent suicide by Junior Seau and also other stories of players dealing with the lingering effects of post-concussion problems, Gay said he was “frightened” with what could happen later.

In regards to Seau, Gay hinted that possible depression can come from “days you just walk around and you don’t know what you’re walking around for.  I catch myself walking around the house with no intention, like, ‘What am I doing?’  Just walking up and down.”

Gay also stated that players may have played through concussions before and had the mindset that it was just like sucking it up and playing through any other type of injury.

Since retiring from the NFL, Gay has done a few commercials for a local bank, Dow Louisiana Federal Credit Union.  Other than that, the Brusly native has been pretty much out of the spotlight.