HBO will be hard pressed to find an NFL team to do “Hard Knocks” series

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Usually NFL teams are scrambling to be the first in line to appear on the HBO series “Hard Knocks”.  The in-depth look at a team during the show’s episodes may be what is scaring potential suitors off. reported that HBO is wanting to find a team by a deadline of June 1.  Under the current circumstances, that might be wishful thinking.

PFT also reported that the release of the Gregg Williams audio secretly taped by filmmaker Sean Pamphilon before the 2012 NFC Divisional Game in San Francisco could be another factor in teams shying away.

I actually touched on this not long after Pamphilon made the “couragious decision”(it took 3 months mind you) to release the audio tapes in the heat of the New Orleans Saints “bounty” investigation.

Pamphilon did what no other person has done before.  That is simply to drive a wedge between the players and the media that covers them.  In essence, he killed the golden goose.

Teams now are even more cautious than before about letting any person with recording equipment of any kind around the players or their facilities.  The unprecedented access is becoming less and less.