New Orleans Saints Vilma ranks in on NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2012

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Vilma, acting like a parent, reached over while talking and pulled the hanging obtrusion from Jordan’s whiskers.  One of the players jokingly muttered, “Awwwww”.  Vilma, walking away, quickly turned with a grin and responded simply, “Shut up!”

The only thing that dampened the segment was the lead in.  Clips showing the news that Vilma was being suspended by the NFL for the season was a bit distasteful and could have been handled a bit better.

The narration of the segment also pretty much eludes that Vilma is going to miss the entire season even though he is currently appealing that decision and nothing is certain.

What is certain for Vilma amidst the current situation is that not only does he have the love and respect of Saints fans, but also his fellow players in the NFL as well.  For the tenacious Saints middle linebacker, he surely feels that’s #1.