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Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade tight end Kellen Winslow to Seattle Seahawks

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This very well may be Clark’s last season in the NFL. He is still a viable target for quarterback Josh Freeman, especially with an improved wide receiver group. He also has great value as a teacher on the Bucs for rookie Drake Dunsmore and veterans Chase Coffman and Luke Stocker.

The Buccaneers ultimately win with this transaction because it ends a relationship that almost worked with tight end Kellen Winslow. Winslow has had attitude problems his entire career but more recently his bad knees have hogged the spotlight.

Head coach Greg Schiano did the right thing in letting Winslow know outright that the team was shopping him. It reduced any unnecessary drama and allowed Winslow the opportunity to choose where he wanted to go.

Seattle is a perfect place for Winslow to go. The Seahawks don’t have great standout receivers and Winslow creates an added target for new quarterback Matt Flynn.

Tight end Zach Miller was supposed to bolster their passing attack last year, but Seattle’s offensive line problems relegated him to a blocker. Winslow is almost a pure receiving tight end with the soft hands, the reach and athleticism of a wide receiver.