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ESPN’s Colin Cowherd’s remarks on New Orleans should be taken with a grain of salt

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And by the way, if Cowherd thinks New Orleans is unsafe, I live about 25 minutes from Baton Rouge.  Click on the news lately and you’ll see that their crime rate is increasing too.

New Orleans does have it’s problems just like any other city and sometimes we forget that.  The Big Easy is a city that is most loved by it’s residents and respond to it’s critics like a parent defending their child.

The main reason is that at the heart of New Orleans is that love.  Love for the outsider who isn’t treated like an outsider when they arrive, being bombarded with food, drink, and outpouring of emotion.

Cowherd simply hasn’t had the grand tour of the city or only sees what he wants to.  So residents of New Orleans, just take it down a notch.  When the “Herd” comes down for the Super Bowl this February, let’s show him what he’s been missing.

I still don’t know if I will be able to forgive him for one comment during the holidays though, which was his loathing for green bean casserole.  Ease up a bit buddy, I love the stuff.  Maybe we can get him to try it in February….Nahhh.