New Orleans Saints Brees, Loomis looking out for their “franchise” long-term

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Loomis has garnered flak lately for not having Brees signed and headed to organized team activities starting this week.  But like he’s said, he is tasked with the job of putting a value on someone who is beyond value.

While the Saints could surely pay Brees, it’s the longevity of the franchise and staying competitive that are important here.  While Brees is a key part of the Saints, he’s not the only part.

For instance, you can buy a car and invest every penny you have on the best tires.  However, if you don’t change the oil, put in the right kind of fuel, and make sure the motor is running right, eventually it will break down.

Then you have a broke down, junked car.  But hey, those tires look nice on it.  This is the dilemma that Loomis has which is not just the present, but the future of the team.

Just like Income Tax Day, free agency come just as ferocious and unforgiving.  Players expect to be paid, by their team or another.  The Saints have to face this not just this year, but the next year, and the next.