New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson setting chess pieces in motion with recent promotions

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In the announcement Benson said:

"“With the continued growth of our holdings and various interests, it makes perfect sense at this point in time to announce the growth of our upper management structure,” said Benson. “We have seen the visibility and vastness of our holdings increase and that requires more management responsibilities and I’m confident that the leadership skills of Rita (Benson LeBlanc), Dennis (Lauscha) and Mickey (Loomis) will continue to flourish given their enhanced responsibilities.”"

In a nutshell, Benson’s responsibilities and his business prospects are increasing and he needed to spread them out amongst Rita, Lauscha, and Loomis.

Showing that he feels his granddaughter is back on track, Rita has been given the nod again that she is next in line for the Benson empire. With Benson as Chairman of the Board, Rita will be Vice Chairman of the Board.

She will also have “enhanced management responsibilities within Zelia, LLC, which includes properties such as Benson Tower, Champions Square as well as various interests in the automotive, real estate, banking sectors and mult-media platforms including FOX 8 (WVUE)”.