New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson setting chess pieces in motion with recent promotions

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New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson has set the stage for the future of not only the franchise but all of his business endeavors that he has including the newly purchased New Orleans Hornets NBA basketball team.

Eyebrows were raised recently when his granddaughter Rita Benson Leblanc was noticeably absent right before the offseason and seemed to be shirking her required duties as a co-owner and eventual successor to her grandfather.

Jeff Duncan of The Times-Picayune broke the story and it seemed that Benson was giving his granddaughter a much needed “time out”.  He cited a source saying that essentially Rita was living the life a little bit too “La Vida Loca”.

Concerns about her health also surfaced since in the last few years, Rita has lost a significant amount of weight and appeared pale and sickly on occasion.

At a press conference almost a month ago Benson said Rita was hospitalized at Ochsner but didn’t elaborate.  She was said to be on a “paid administrative leave” throughout the ordeal.

Benson announced a few days ago that he had some big news coming, which some had their fingers crossed was the signing of quarterback Drew Brees.  Instead it was restructuring and a few promotions to current executives that he was referring to.