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Interview with New Orleans Saints offensive lineman DeOn’tae Pannell

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While some rookies may be trying to regroup or relax a bit, the final question I asked DeOn’tae gave an indication of not only his goal to reach the final roster, but the mature mindset he has of the opportunity in front of him.

GH:  Even though mini-camp is over, do you look forward to getting back to work and what does your schedule look like now for the next couple of months?  Any down time or are you going to stay on the grind?

"Pannell:  From now on for me it’s a grind.  For someone like myself who made the team on a tryout basis I am on a very short leash, so there is no time to go backwards.  Not really sure what my whole schedule is, but I am here in New Orleans working with the team and trying to improve my chances for making the team."