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Interview with New Orleans Saints offensive lineman DeOn’tae Pannell

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GH:  Is it a vast difference as far as speed and preparation in regards to college football?

"Pannell:  The speed was different because everyone around you were good athletes and came from other very successful schools.  However the preparation was the key for me.  If you did not put your time in and understand the playbook then you got left behind or exposed."

While there was some contact with assistant head coach Vitt, DeOn’tae said he’s been mostly working with offensive line coach Aaron Kromer during mini-camp, and praised both of them.

"Pannell:  I have not spent much time with him(Vitt), but he is very fair.  He told us if you do the right thing the right way consistently, then you have a chance to play here.  Coach Kromer is the main coach I have been in contact with.  He is a great coach who expects his players to be the smartest guys on the field and I look forward to working with him."

GH:  Have you formed any friendships with any fellow players so far?

"Pannell:  My roommate right now is Aderious Simmons(offensive tackle, Arizona State), so we are getting to know each other better.  But I think as a whole the rookie offensive linemen are learning from each other and building a strong relationship as we go forward."