Interview with New Orleans Saints offensive lineman DeOn’tae Pannell

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GH:  Were you impressed with your visit and did you get the impression the Saints were interested in you?

"Pannell:  I was very impressed after my visit and felt like the Saints were a team that was very interested and would possibly be a team that wanted to bring me in after the draft."

After not being selected in the draft, the Saints did indeed come calling for Pannell.  He said that although other teams began calling as well, Pannell chose to go with the Saints even amid the “bounty” scandal that surrounded them this offseason.

GH:  While you were at Penn State, there had been a lot of controversey this past season.  Did you have some reservations about coming to the Saints with all the “bounty” allegations and investigations surrounding them?

"Pannell:  I didn’t have any reservations.  One thing I got from my visit is that this is a top notch organization that prides itself on doing the right thing, so there was no doubt in my mind."