Former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason should have been inducted into Saints Hall of Fame

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While he was happy with the honor, I’m sure other fans were thinking the same thing.  Gleason should have been “in that number” along with Benson and McAllister.

General manager Mickey Loomis even became chocked up when asked about Gleason’s speech and expressed that he hopes his son becomes much like Gleason in many ways.

During his speech, Gleason said:

"“This organization has been woven into the fabric of this city. Luckily for me I get to share and enjoy all the beautiful parts of this city.” “In the end, what we take away from football is more than blocked punts or Super Bowl rings. It’s the people we come in contact with.”"

Come to think of it, Gleason shouldn’t have been inducted, he needs to be inducted.  If he doesn’t deserve it, I’m not sure if anybody else does either.