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Former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason should have been inducted into Saints Hall of Fame

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Gleason should have been inducted for this reason, but also because of his current health issues where he has battled ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease since his diagnosis early last year.

Where once he could move around fairly easily and speak with hardly any difficulty has changed drastically in the past year and a half.

Gleason now requires a wheelchair to move around and was recently fitted with a feeding tube.  His speech now is also becoming more labored and thick with Gleason having to pause and swallow hard to get his words out.

With his health situation unpredictable for the future, it would have been a great moment for Gleason to be inducted and accept the honor himself while he is still able to and enjoy it with his family.

Gleason being who he is, accepted the honor today with jokes saying that he always had to find a way in to the NFL and now he will come in through the “side” of the Saints Hall of Fame.