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Former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason should have been inducted into Saints Hall of Fame

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Chants of “Deuuuuuce!”  could be heard in the Superdome whenever he was given the football or ran onto the field.  After being let go by the team in 2009, he returned to lead the team onto the field in the 2010 NFC Championship Game.

He would eventually receive a Super Bowl ring after the Saints victory in Super Bowl XLIV and can be seen giving tips to Saints running backs, being ever present at almost all the games.

On the same token, Gleason has done so much for the Saints as well as the city of New Orleans.  During his time with the team, Gleason invested his heart and soul in both.

His blocked punt that was returned for a touchdown on the reopening of the Superdome, ignited and fueled the team and the entire city.  Former teammate Scott Fujita has been quoted as saying Gleason will forever be an icon to New Orleans.

While Gleason was never a starter and mainly played for special teams, his off the field laid back persona gave way to a relentless and ferocious competitor basically being the “Honey Badger” of his time.